Over the years Mike has found himself having to invent and manufacture equipment that he needed. A small selection is available for purchase subject to availability.

Cue Lights

Optical design utilising a ‘Photo Transistor’ sensor which can be simply taped over any camera cue light for ultimate compatibility. Unlike simple LDR versions available else ware, this unit offers extremely fast switching, there is no ‘lag’ at all and no change in the switching threshold as batteries are drained. A readily available 9V PP3 battery powers the unit.

The LED indicators are hidden behind a plastic window that prevents false cues from studio lighting glancing off the indicators. Several options are available offering features such as an Iso Channel, separate Artist cue light and connectivity for Stanton’s Jimmy Jibs.

£180 Plus VAT (£30 each additional option)


cue lights


A tried and tested way of getting the sled higher or lower for low mode operation.

No longer available from the original manufacturer the bracket comes with a short arm post so that there is no rigging involved. The bracket can be used in the traditional way or the long post can be fitted to the Steadicam arm so that the bracket and short post is at the bottom. The sled’s handle is then upright and does not need to be pinned, stage and TV zoom demand remains upright.

£200 plus VAT




Very reliable 2.5m cables normally available Off the shelf if fitted with Lemo connectors as Shown. These cables can also be made to order With connectors of your choice. The cable is thin, lightweight and very floppy, mounted directly into the connectors using specially made interface PCB’s and strain reliefs. Also available through Tiffen.



Triax Cables


A simple and inexpensive aid for handheld cameramen.

The wide rubber hood contains a coated scratch resistant lens that allows the whole Viewfinder picture and cue lights to be seen at arm’s length.

The camera can also be shouldered for short periods as the lens matches the standard Ikigami dioptre, only with a much wider diameter!

These adapters are in constant use in London at ITV. Also many UK freelance cameramen own them and simply gaffer tape them to whatever camera they are operating.