Steadicam M2 Volt Hire

We now offer two brand new ‘Steadicam M2 Volt’ rigs as well as our existing range of genuine Steadicam equipment. The permanently hire prepped rigs make us the only ‘off the shelf’ Steadicam M2 Volt hire facility West of London.

We are in the Hampton Court area and the facility is run by a Tiffen accredited freelance Steadicam Instructor/Operator. Lots of help and advice is available for new and existing hire customers.

Steadicam Cameras

Steadicam Equipment Dry Hire Rates

Kit 1 … Steadicam M2 with built in Volt Horizon Stabiliser and Steadicam G70x Arm£550
Kit 2 … Steadicam M2 with G70x arm and Volt Horizon Stabiliser£550
Kit 3 … Steadicam Ultra 2 with G70 arm and Volt Horizon Stabiliser£450
Kit 4 … Steadicam Ultra 1 12/24V optimised for Broadcast £350
Lens Control Systems : RT motion£120
Lens Control Systems : Tilta£75
Boxx Atom HD transmitter £125
Transvideo rainbow 2 directors monitor £40
Ursa Broadcast G2 Camera£125
Betz Wave Horizon Stabiliser£100
On Camera Lighting £20
Kenyon Gyros £75
Top Antlers £15
Post antlers £25 (Only available with ultra 2, M2)
Spare Arm £40
Spare vest £40
Magliner Steadicam cart (Not available for hire)
4 wheel rickshaw tracking Kart / Dolly £250
California Sunbounce Windkiller Pro 6 x 4 £20
2 metre Slider £150
Vinten V250 head and legs £40
Mercedes Benz Viano modified roll on roll off vehicle (Not available for hire)