Announcing the arrival of a second Steadicam M2 Volt which will be permanently prepped and available as a dry hire rig. This makes us the only ‘off the shelf’ hire facility offering Steadicam M2 Volt rigs West of London.


Mike Scott is a highly experienced Steadicam operator and Cameraman working in Features, Drama, Commercials, Promos, E Sports and Broadcasting.

He owns the latest top of range genuine Tiffen Steadicam equipment, compatible with all cameras.

Mike also runs a dry hire Steadicam facility and offers training and practice workshops.

"Mike's ability to operate the Steadicam, without drawing attention to the fact that the camera is mounted on the device, is second to none. Using his sense of composition and movement, Mike is able to create a graceful and fluid dynamic that enables the Director of Photography to develop and obtain complicated set-ups that would take a considerable time using more conventional methods.

Mike Scott's abilities go beyond the physical. His personality enables him to approach the given situation in a quiet, thoughtful and imaginative way."

Brian Tufano BSC