Mike is proud to work with the latest original Steadicam equipment and continues his association with Tiffen, the sole Steadicam manufacturer as an Instructor. He also consults in product development. All equipment is available for dry hire and clients are welcome to visit to try out the gear and practice if new to the art.

The Steadicam M2 Volt is the perfect sled for both Television and Film work. Lightweight, compact but rigid and vibration free, the M2 Volt is revolutionising Steadicam operation.

The dependable 'Volt' self-levelling system at last frees the operator to concentrate fully on their shot composition and allows the Steadicam to be used in higher wind conditions than previously possible without the use of noisy gyros.

All three Volt stabilised Sleds are supplied with G70 or G70x arms and new front mounting Ultravests. They are available with a choice of 8” Transvideo UHD and HD Cinemonitors or for long duration TV work the far lighter 7” TV Logic F-7HS is ideal.

The sleds are also wired for secondary monitors and all can come with cue lights and unique 'fuel gauges'.

Lightweight 6” HD monitors coupled with Hollyland Mars 400 HDSDI links are available for cost effective return video feeds.

Dry Hire Rates

Steadicam camera
Kit 1 … Steadicam M2 with built in Volt Horizon Stabiliser and Steadicam G70x Arm
Kit 2 … Steadicam M2 with G70 arm and Volt Horizon Stabiliser
Kit 3 … Steadicam Ultra 2 with G70 arm and Volt Horizon Stabiliser.
Kit 4 … Steadicam Ultra 1 12/24V optimised for Broadcast
Lens Control Systems
Boxx Atom HD Transmitter
Transvideo rainbow 2 directors monitor
Transvideo 8" Cine Monitors SDI + CVBS
TV Logic 7" Lightweight SDI Monitors
On Camera Lighting
Kenyon Gyros
Top Antlers
Post antlers
Spare Arm
Spare Ultra vest
Magliner Steadicam cart
4 wheel tracking Kart / Dolly
California Sunbounce Windkiller Pro 6 x 4
2 metre Slider
Vinten V250 head and legs
Mercedes Benz Viano modified roll on roll off vehicle
Dry Hire Rates